AEPA Supervisor Exam

The Supervisor test is one of three Administrator tests administered in Arizona. It measures the knowledge and skills required to function effectively in a leadership role. The test content is drawn from five subareas based on AEPA learning objectives: Educational Leadership (20% of the test); Social, Cultural, and Legal Context (20%); Effective Communication (20%); Educational Management (20%); and Curriculum and Instruction (20%). Leadership topics include policy development, mission promotion, professional development, and innovation. Test-takers should know how to formulate policy, comply with relevant statutes and regulations, and promote equity. Other topics include teamwork and encouraging and responding to feedback to promote the mission of the educational organization.

Test-takers should have knowledge of basic school management (e.g., problem solving, finance management, and human resources). Finally, the test includes content on curriculum development, effective instruction, and student assessment.

AEPA Supervisor Practice Questions


1. A student who scores in the 75th percentile has scored better than what percentage of other students?

A: 24%
B: 25%
C: 75%
D: 76%

2. Which of the following is the best punishment for chronic truancy?

A: detention
B: suspension
C: corporal punishment
D: no punishment

3. Which educational philosophy asserts that schools need to return to the basic set of knowledge contained in the classics of human civilization?

A: existentialism
B: perennialism
C: postmodernism
D: reconstructionism

4. According to the NAEP, a student who has satisfactory performance in every assessed grade is classified as _____.

A: basic
B: moderate
C: advanced
D: proficient

5. Which of the following is NOT one of Drucker’s four major steps for developing a management by objectives (MBO) program?

A: developing comprehensive goals
B: fitting short-term objectives to long-term goals
C: establishing objectives for each position
D: attending leadership conferences

Answer key

1. C. The 100 percentiles are often divided into four quartiles; the 75th percentile is the 3rd quartile.
2. A. It would not make sense to punish a truant by keeping him or her from coming to school.
3. B. Reconstructionist educators believe in returning to classic texts.
4. D. The three achievement levels established by the NAEP are basic, proficient, and advanced.
5. D. The final step in Drucker’s MBO program is determining appropriate measurement procedures.