AEPA: Sitting For The Exam

On the day of your AEPA test, you must be at the designated testing facility on time. All relevant information will be listed on your admission ticket. It is essential that you bring the following items to the testing facility on the day of the exam: admission ticket; multiple sharpened #2 pencils; and two pieces of proper identification. For some tests, other items (e.g., graphing calculators) will be required. Be sure to check out the AEPA website to see what you need to bring. Your identification should be an unexpired, government-issued card or certificate. It must contain your name as listed on the test registration forms, a recent photograph, and your signature. You must have at least one piece of additional identification, although it is not necessary for this piece to have a photograph. If for some reason your name has changed and the name on your identification is different from the name on your test registration forms, you must bring an official form detailing the name change.

The rules at the test site are fairly simple. The following items are prohibited: cell phones, electronic devices, calculators, printed material, backpacks, food, and drinks. There will be breaks during the test session so that you can get a drink of water and use the bathroom. You may not smoke during the exam, and you may not have any contact with anyone outside the testing facility.

If you need additional help researching teacher certification outside of Arizona, you may want to visit This site has the requirements for all 50 states and the different ways you can become certified to teach.