AEPA Selecting A Test Exam

Since 1997, Arizona has required educators to take the Arizona Educator Proficiency Examinations in order to earn certification. Prospective teachers must pass the professional knowledge test and subject knowledge test that are most relevant to the desired certification. Prospective school administrators are required to take the relevant administrator test. In addition, all teachers and school administrators are required to pass the subject knowledge test on the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona, unless they have taken a university-level course on this material.

To facilitate the examination process, the test administrator offers all subject knowledge tests, including the Constitutions of the United States and Arizona test, in a morning session (8 to 12:30) and all professional knowledge tests in an afternoon session (1 to 5:30). The administrator tests are offered during the morning and afternoon sessions, with the exception that the supervisor test is offered only during the morning session. In general, the test schedule makes it possible for many candidates to fulfill all their testing requirements in one day. Although sitting for two exams in one day may seem grueling, most test-takers finish their work well before the end of the testing session.